Christmas fun! How to make it magical!

If you have children, Christmas time can be a particularly magical time with lots of excitement leading up to the big day.

Although your children may be very excited about the gifts that the man in red might be bringing them, there’s lots of other way you can really bring some festive magic into your home which won’t break the bank.

Here are some ideas about creating a little Christmas magic every year and having some fun in the process.


Elf on the Shelf

Elf on the Shelf

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Try an Elf on the Shelf

A traditional activity in some areas, this is something which is really growing in popularity because of the magical overtones.

The Elf on the Shelf is a little helper from the North Pole who comes to stay with a family every December, flying back to Father Christmas every night to report whether the children in the home are being naughty or nice.

Every morning when the children wake, they will need to find the Elf on the Shelf to see where he’s moved to overnight. He mustn’t be touched as that could damage his delicate Christmas magic….and during the day he simply watches what goes on.

A wonderful idea which children – and adults of all ages love, you can inject even more fun into the proceedings by creating a little naughtiness that the Elf carries out for your children to find in the morning! Ideas could include putting an empty chocolate wrapper next to the Elf as if he’d been eating it….naughty Elf!


Make a Christmas ornament together

Part of the magic of Christmas is the memories from each year that passes and having things that you made with the children to hang onto is something really special.

Start a tradition of making an ornament for the tree every year – just one per child – that you can keep and put up in the future. By the time they’re older you’ll have decorations which remind you of each Christmas you’ve shared, and the fun you had making those ornaments together.


Christmas Ornaments

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Christmas Eve hunt

There are lots of traditions for Christmas Eve, with boxes filled with new pyjamas, hot chocolate and a film to enjoy while you wait for Father Christmas to take to the night sky.

Another fun activity which can help to reduce the sense of impatience among children is to take a small gift and hide it somewhere around the house. Create a treasure trail and a series of clues for children to solve before they find their Christmas Eve present.

A Christmas Eve hunt, where will the gifts be hidden?


Spotting Santa

As a child, the wait for Father Christmas to turn up is almost unbearable but watching him make his way around the world can be a very magical way to spend Christmas Eve night.

There are lots of online trackers – such as the one provided by Google – where you can follow Santa’s progress through the night sky. This is also a great way to get your child to bed – because as everyone knows, Santa won’t visit houses where the children are still awake….!

As well as using technology, you could also wrap up warm and go and look outside at the night sky. Look for the brightest star – the Christmas Star – and you’ll know that Santa is on his way around the world.

You could even put out some “flight path lights” for Santa in your garden. Tea lights in jam jars are the perfect way for Rudolph and his sleigh to find the way into your garden!



When it comes to Christmas fun, there’s literally no limit to the activities you could enjoy. Cast your mind back and remember bursting with excitement as a child, and create some fun things to do that you would have loved when you were younger…

Written by Carly Garrett

Image Credits: Danielle Stratfull and Cass Campione